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Join our support for the petition to protect drinking water access at the Czech/Polish/German border

Thirty thousand people in the Czech Republic’s Liberec region face a loss of access to drinking water due to the planned expansion of the Turów coal mine. This mine is planned to newly stretch outwards to just 150 meters from the Czech border and downwards to a depth below the bottom of the Baltic. The resulting drainage of Czech underground water is not just a threat to citizens; the drying out of the area would destroy entire local ecosystems and cause significant agricultural damage. A further increase to dust and noise levels is a threat as well. Furthermore, the end date for mining is to be delayed from 2020 out to 2044.

Despite all of the above, the Polish refuse to adjust the mine’s plans so as to reduce its effects on the Czech Republic, nor will they offer any kind of compensation for its effects on the Czech environment. The plan likewise does not count on any arrangements for a replacement source of drinking water.

Because of this, the Liberec region—along with ten affected municipalities, and with the support of Frank Bold—is turning to the petition committee of the European Parliament and requesting an investigation into both the mining extension plan itself and the procedural approach taken by Poland, which is marred by infringements of both EU law and the rights of the Czech Republic. The petitioners are also requesting that the European Commission be addressed in this matter. The Commission monitors observance of EU law, and in cases where it finds an infringement, it initiates proceedings that can even culminate in a suit at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

You too can sign the petition against the expansion of the Turów mine.


Kristína Šabová

Lawyer for the Responsible Energy Section, currently on parental leave

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