Job Offer: Policy officer in corporate responsibility

Susanna Arus

Are you tempted to use your expertise and presentation skills to promote systemic changes at EU level for the protection of the environment, climate and human rights? Are you interested in participating in a project with global impact? Do you want to deal with partners and policy makers in Brussels and strategically develop an international network working together to strengthen corporate responsibility? Join the Frank Bold team now.

What does Frank Bold do for corporate responsibility?

At European level, we pushed through the adoption of an EU Directive that introduced the obligation of non-financial reporting - a...

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Susanna Arus

Job Offer: EU standards for business transparency and sustainability transformation

Would you like to influence key EU developments on business, sustainability and climate change? Do you wish to combine environmental and economic perspectives? Do you want to help set European standards for transparency of corporate sustainability performance and help investors finance the transformation of our economy? Become a member of Frank Bold’s international team implementing this strategy.

Susanna Arus

Connecting the dots in sustainable corporate governance

Leading NGOs working on corporate sustainability and sustainable finance have published a briefing with key recommendations to help clarify directors’ responsibilities to oversee sustainability that fully fit with existing company law and corporate governance frameworks across Europe. 

Kristína Šabová

Seven demands for an agreement with Poland on mining in the Turów mine that will protect Czech communities

Frank Bold Society and the Neighbourhood Association Uhelná have drawn up a document with seven basic requirements that the Czech side should insist on when negotiating with Poland. See the press release for background information.

Susanna Arus

Inaction is not an option: specific solutions to tackle sustainability gaps in corporate governance

In the face of recent opposition addressed to the EU Commission by some business associations and specific governments from Nordic Europe, NGOs have reiterated their support for the European Commission commitment to present an initiative on Sustainable Corporate Governance in 2021, following the roadmap set in the EU Green Deal and the Action Plan on Sustainable Finance. 

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