We reconstruct state

We enforce laws that limit the scope for systemic corruption. We guard the limits of democracy. Learn more.

We have enforced 5 laws that systematically reduce opportunities for corruption. We are now putting them into practice, defending them from attempts to make exceptions, and together with the public and experts, we ensure that the government remains within the limits of democracy.

Among our priorities is maintaining access to information, ending subsidies to companies with anonymous owners, strengthening the powers of the Supreme Audit Office, ending newsagents in state-owned companies, or independently investigating corruption.

Purpose of a corporation?

At the global level, we advocate a change in practice and the legal framework that governs how companies treat their surroundings. The hunt for short-term profit at any cost ends. Learn more.

Business is changing. It must include a responsible approach to employees, suppliers, local communities, the environment and society as a whole. At the international level, we initiated the Purpose of the Corporation project, which aims to debate how the new corporate governance system should look like.

We co-enforced the European directive on non-financial reporting and helped several corporations to implement reporting in practice. We initiated the Alliance for Corporate Transparency project, which evaluates the current practice of non-financial reporting and seeks to move its quality and real impacts a little further.

We defend the right to breathe clean air

We are pushing the state authorities to effectively address health threatening air conditions in the Czech Republic and Poland. We strive to move as quickly as possible towards a low-carbon economy and move away from the largest air polluters - coal-fired power plants. Learn more.

Due to air pollution in Ostrava and Karviná regions, twice as many children have asthma and allergic rhinitis than in the rest of the country. The problem of air pollution concerns not only Ostrava, but also North Bohemia, Prague and Brno.

Much of the problem would be solved by the consistent application of already effective legislation. That is why we are pushing the Ministry of the Environment and officials not to grant exemptions from the statutory emission limits and to actually do what the law requires them to do for a cleaner air.

We empower Active Citizens

We are looking for and connecting people who are trying to change something in their surroundings. We help them and teach them to use their rights effectively. Learn more.

They put their free time into making their village more open and nicer, trying to preserve a healthy environment, a park or a source of drinking water.

We provide them with over 1,000 hours of free legal support per year on environmental issues, corruption and misconduct or illegal action by authorities.

We provide Active Citizens with legal guidance, lead an online counseling center and prepare simplistic online tools, linking them with experts from different disciplines and law students. In the cases they deal with, we provide them with intensive legal support.

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