Our work

Responsible Companies

We develop and promote new business models and legal frameworks that better integrate societal interests into corporate purpose and governance to improve corporate sustainability, transparency and accountability.

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People vs. Corruption

Money, power, and politics are often closely intertwined and this results in low levels of trust in public institutions, not only in the Czech Republic and other Central and Eastern European countries, but within the EU as a whole, and worldwide.  There are a number of corrosive byproducts, including the diversion of public money to private accounts, companies with anonymous ownership structure, and to political parties and interest groups.

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Empowering Citizens and Municipalities

Empowering people We systematically work to empower citizens and local communities in the Czech Republic and in Poland by helping them to assert their rights and actively participate in public affairs. By providing support to active individuals and local initiatives we aim to strengthen civic society, which is the basis for the solution to the systemic corruption that is deeply embedded in our governance systems.

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Protecting the right to a clean air and healthy environment

 Due to air pollution, twice as many children in the Ostrava and Karviná region suffer from asthma and allergic rhinitis than in the rest of the country. The problem of air pollution affects not only Ostrava, but also North Bohemia, Prague and Brno. Poor air quality and long-term exposure to high concentrations of benzo(a)pyrene and arsenic, smog and dust cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, liver and kidney tumours, allergies and eczema. It is therefore in all of our interests that we address the current situation.

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Supporting renewable and community energy

We advocate for laws that support renewable energy sources in a meaningful way and promote the creation and development of energy communities. We work towards the Czech Republic that is more energy self-sufficient, independent from Russia and fossil fuels, and resilient to the impacts of the climate and energy crisis.

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Frankly speaking – Podcast

A Podcast on Responsible business