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Louis Establet


Working at Frank Bold is the perfect opportunity to shape and promote a better sustainable framework for companies on a european level. The values & skills within Frank Bold allow us to face challenges with ambition to build more sustainable business models and improve the practices.“

Louise’s job as a sustainability data analyst is focused on assessing and analyzing current technical sustainable issues from companies across various sectors, then identifying solutions that should be highlighted and shared to build the most relevant sustainable frameworks and standards as possible. The final aim being to get the most companies aligned with the most appropriate sustainable practices.

Before joining Frank Bold, he got few experiences in corporate sustainability within the banking and software sectors, in Czechia and France, where his missions were to think and implement the global CSR strategies of companies. He graduated from a master in International Business in Nice and also obtained another master’s degree in sustainable development and quality for companies.

Louis likes to spend his free time doing sport, discovering new places, and enjoying the cultural life that Prague is proposing.

Louis Establet

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