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Bartosz Kwiatkowski

Director of Fundacja Frank Bold

„I believe that the law can have a real impact on the present and future. I work at Frank Bold because we do things that matter and can help leave our children with a slightly better world.”

Bartosz manages Frank Bold’s offices in Kraków, Poland – both NGO and legal firm. He is responsible for coordination of nonprofit projects focused on climate change, energy transition and air quality, as well as for supervision and conducting of commercial cases. He started working at Frank Bold as anti-corruption lawyer 8 years ago and is still active in this area as the Local Research Correspondent on Corruption for Poland. At the same time he is an ESG expert and a member of working group on the development of non-financial reporting coordinated by the Polish Ministry of Finance.

Bartosz graduated from Law Faculty at Jagiellonian University in Kraków. He has 12 years of professional experience. Prior to joining Frank Bold, he used to work at a law firm, public administration and a university.

He is addicted to cycling and drinking coffee.

Bartosz Kwiatkowski

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