PDF Optional Derogation: Transitional free allowances for power generators in the Czech Republic (453.29 KB)

PDF Complaint regarding the Sostanj Thermal Power Plant project to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (179.67 KB)

PDF Undue distortions of competition and state aid involved in the free allocation to electricity producers in the Czech Republic (825.61 KB)

PDF British Climate Change Act 2008 as a legislative stimulus towards more sustainable economies in EU member states – legal challenges and opportunities (48.67 KB)

PDF CCS readiness at Šoštanj: Ticking boxes or preparing for the future? (1.09 MB)

PDF Public Money and Corruption Risks (1.28 MB)

PDF The Energy Community's decision to implement Chapter III of the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU and its implications for new coal power plants in the Western Balkans, Moldova and Ukraine (164.97 KB)

PDF Governance, transparency and public participation in transport infrastructure projects (765.64 KB)

PDF Lobbying – a risk or an opportunity? Lobbying regulation in the Polish, Slovak, and Czech perspective (809.94 KB)

PDF The Funding and Oversight of Political Parties and Election Campaigns in East Central Europe (909.06 KB)

PDF Report on Czech EU ETS derogation Article 10C (453.29 KB)

PDF Shedding Light on Public Contracts - The Register of Contracts in Public Spending Oversight (820.82 KB)

PDF Recommendations on Sustainable Finance (374.62 KB)

PDF NGO recommendations for the EU sustainable finance action plan (2.55 MB)

PDF Czech Power Grid without Electricity from Coal by 2030: Possibilities for Integration of Renewable Sources and Transition into a System Based on Decentralized Sources (2.55 MB)

PDF Grid Study II: New scenarios of Czech coal phase-out (7.9 MB)

PDF Guidance for corporate disclosure pursuant to the EU Non-Financial Reporting (1.77 MB)

PDF Industrial Emissions Directive: (Non)-substantial permit change (229.76 KB)

PDF Industrial Emissions Directive: Measurement uncertainty issues (616.67 KB)

PDF Industrial Emissions Directive: Lack of access to continuous emission monitoring data (481.34 KB)

PDF Industrial Emissions Directive: Art. 15(4) BAT derogations implementation (476.9 KB)

PDF Industrial Emissions Directive: Various LCP derogation regimes (432.34 KB)

PDF Non-transparent handling of ETS revenus and potential violation of ETS Directive in the Czech Republic (384.92 KB)

PDF Sustainability and climate-related disclosure requirements and public guidance: Comparison across jurisdictions (820.88 KB)

PDF Frank Bold’s Study on Community Energy in Practice 7 Recommendations from 7 EU Countries (607.74 KB)

PDF Future-Proofing Central Eastern European Grids for Tomorrow’s Energy System (4.35 MB)

Corporate Accountability

PDF Fair Law: Legal Proposals to Improve Corporate Accountability for Environmental and Human Rights Abuses (0 KB)

PDF Principles & Pathways: Legal Opportunities to Improve Europe´s Corporate Accountability Framework (772.07 KB)

PDF Joint Amnesty International and ECCJ submission on the Green Paper on the Review of Council Regulation (EC) No 44/2001 (135.37 KB)

PDF The Human Rights Due Diligence Report (657.47 KB)

PDF Redefining directors’ duties in the EU to promote long-termism and sustainability (20.27 MB)

PDF NGO statement: EU Commission must take action to improve the reporting obligations of companies on sustainability issues (628.1 KB)

PDF One pager on companies sustainability disclosure: why it is crucial to review the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (294.38 KB)

PDF Summary of discussions: Development EU Non-financial reporting standards experts roundtable (107.72 KB)

PDF Sustainable corporate governance: policy recommendations (703.95 KB)

PDF Statement: Civil society organisations call on policymakers to define meaningful supply chain reporting requirements (371.15 KB)

PDF Resumen coloquio _Cambios en la Directiva sobre el reporte de las empresas en cuestiones de sostenibilidad (285.85 KB)

PDF NGO policy briefing on Sustainable Corporate Governance (401.91 KB)

PDF Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive: Analysis and recommendations on the EU Commission’s proposal (268.49 KB)

PDF Joint statement on sustainable corporate governance (206.52 KB)

PDF NGOs Open letter: Strong concerns about the delay in the publication of the Sustainable Corporate Governance initiative (280.52 KB)

PDF Webinar: Sustainable Corporate Governance Initiative - Due Diligence Principles and Practical Experience (9.29 MB)

PDF Summary of the webinar: “Sustainable Corporate Governance Initiative - Due Diligence Principles and Practical Experience” (99.62 KB)

PDF Joint letter: Investors, asset managers and civil society organisations call MEPs to broaden the scope of the EU CSRD (158.38 KB)

PDF Recommendations on Corporate Governance in the Draft EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (208.22 KB)

PDF Civil society statement on the proposed EU CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY DUE DILIGENCE DIRECTIVE (3.16 MB)

PDF Corporate due diligence in times of armed conflict (5.33 MB)

PDF Policy recommendations on Article 15 “Combating climate change” of the proposed EU CSDDD (569.57 KB)

PDF Letter to McGuinness "In defence of EU standards for corporate sustainability reporting" (2.64 MB)

PDF Draft EU Sustainability Reporting Standards briefing: FAQs and overview of disclosure requirements (213.09 KB)

PDF What is needed for an effective Directive on Sustainability Due Diligence? (108.83 KB)

PDF Human rights and environmental due diligence – FAQ on what it means and how to do it (184.16 KB)

PDF Effective Environmental and Climate Protection in the CSDDD: Challenges and Priorities (1.09 MB)

PDF Briefing: Sector-specific sustainability reporting standards instrumental for a pragmatic and cost-effective disclosure regime (142.09 KB)

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