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Compliance and reporting under the EU Non Financial Reporting Directive

New reporting rules require certain large EU companies to include in their management report a non-financial statement. These companies need to begin gathering and auditing information in order to be prepared to publish the required information within good time after the end of the 2017 financial year. Frank Bold recently published a short guide on the Non Financial Reporting Directive that identifies who will be affected and explains how to comply with the new reporting requirements.

The objective of the Directive is to lay the foundation for a new model of corporate reporting that complements financial transparency with environmental and social information necessary to understand a company’s development, performance and position, as well as the impacts of its activities on society. The briefing also explores the implications of the Directive for organisations generally.

If properly implemented, the Directive will help to promote transparency and a stronger corporate governance framework that enables boards to better anticipate challenges and opportunities associated with their company’s business model. Improved and integrated disclosure of both financial and non-financial information leads to better understanding of the role of societal and environmental sustainability for delivering on the twin objectives of creation of real value for customers and wealth for shareholders.

This briefing is for general information only and is not intended to provide legal advice. For further information on the matters outlined in this briefing, please contact Paige Morrow or your usual Frank Bold contact. Click on the image to open the document. 



Susanna Arus , Frank Bold


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