Grid Study II published: New scenarios of Czech coal phase-out

Laura Haiselová

What would happen to Czech power grid in 2030 if all coal power plants were shut down? Even without coal-fired generation it is possible to ensure stable electricity supply in the Czech Republic, proves a study which we publicly presented in May 2018. Now we introduce new additional scenarios to the study, again analysed by Energynautics.

Dowload the study here:...

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Susanna Arus

Frank Bold’s corporate governance work wins 2019 International Impactful Collaboration Award with academic project

The collaboration between the Purpose of the Corporation Project led by Frank Bold and the Modern Corporation Project run by Jeroen Veldman and Hugh Willmott from

Susanna Arus

Commentary on the EU Commission's new guidelines on climate reporting

The experience with the implementation of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) and the analysis of the current status of companies’ sustainability reporting indicates that without clearer legal requirements, no guidance, no matter how good, will have substantial effect on the quality of companies reporting.

Susanna Arus

NGOs call on the EU Commission to clarify the legal framework for corporate sustainability reporting

Over 20 leading NGOs working on corporate transparency have published a statement calling on EU policy-makers to define companies’ disclosure obligations on sustainability issues on the occasion of tomorrow’s high-level conference on the future of corporate reporting hosted by the European Commission in Brussels.

Susanna Arus

Analysis: Companies failing to report meaningful information about their impacts on society and the environment

Under the Alliance for Corporate Transparency project Frank Bold and its partners have analysed how European companies disclose information necessary for understanding their impact on society and the environment, as required by the EU Non-financial Reporting Directive*. The initial findings of the project point to one overarching conclusion: most companies acknowledge in their reports the importance of environmental and social issues, but more often than not this information is not clear enough in terms of concrete issues, targets and principal risks. This year, the project has assessed over 100 companies from the sectors of Energy & Resource Extraction, Information and Communication Technologies, and Health Care. See full report here: (including detailed data, graphics and analysis) See videos from the launch event

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