Frank Bold successfully ended project LIFE LEGAL ACTIONS

Eliška Beranová

The "LIFE-Legal Actions - Right to Clean Air" (LIFE15 GIE/DE/795) project ended in November 2019. The Layman's Report, written for a general audience, summarizes the work and results of the project as well as its long-term environmental Benefits.

The report is available here.

The European Union's LIFE Programme is a funding instrument that supports environmental and climate protection Projects.  


Pokračovat ve čtení

Laura Otýpková

Frank Bold co-hosted a meeting about changing the culture of regulating industrial activities

In December Frank Bold team co-organised a meeting of NGOs and representatives of the Member States of the European Union. The all-day meeting in Brussels was prepared in cooperation with our colleagues from European Environmental Bureau and Client Earth.

Kristína Šabová

Politico reports about the threat of the Turów mine expansion

The threatened loss of drinking water for tens of thousands of people in the Czech Republic’s Liberec region has earned the notice of Politico, a Brussels-based news site.

Kristína Šabová

Join our support for the petition to protect drinking water access at the Czech/Polish/German border

Thirty thousand people in the Czech Republic’s Liberec region face a loss of access to drinking water due to the planned expansion of the Turów coal mine. This mine is planned to newly stretch outwards to just 150 meters from the Czech border and downwards to a depth below the bottom of the Baltic. The resulting drainage of Czech underground water is not just a threat to citizens; the drying out of the area would destroy entire local ecosystems and cause significant agricultural damage. A further increase to dust and noise levels is a threat as well.

Kristína Šabová

The Turów brown coal mine is polluting the atmosphere. Watch this video showing the spread of its toxins

The Turów brown coal (lignite) mine near Poland’s border with Germany and the Czech Republic is filling the atmosphere with dangerous toxins. In fact, the region’s air pollution is so strong that a rise in premature deaths has been predicted. Greenpeace published a video showing the path taken by the pollution cloud from Turów during May and June of 2018.

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