Inhabitant of Ostrava suffering from lung cancer sues the Ministry of the Environment for air pollution

Yesterday, on 5 November 2018, a lawsuit against the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) on liability for health damages and death of her husband from lung cancer was filed with the District Court in Prague 10. The plaintiff seeks damages for lung cancer, which she has managed to cure, but her husband has succumbed to the illness in October. The cause of the disease is seen in the long-term excessive concentration of air pollutants at their place of residence in Ostrava-Radvanice and in the fact that the MoE failed to provide effective measures to decrease the pollution to legal limit values.

The plaintiff and her husband lived their whole life in Ostrava-...

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Susanna Arus

NGOs call on the EU Commission to clarify the legal framework for corporate sustainability reporting

Over 20 leading NGOs working on corporate transparency have published a statement calling on EU policy-makers to define companies’ disclosure obligations on sustainability issues on the occasion of tomorrow’s high-level conference on the future of corporate reporting hosted by the European Commission in Brussels.

Laura Haiselová

Grants are not enough. Air polluters must bear the responsibility and the State must start to solve the problem quickly

People in the Czech Republic have the right to fresh air but this right is being violated and it is necessary to take effective measures. Representatives of the European Commission, Czech government, industry and Non-Governmental Organizations‘ (NGO) all agree on that. There is a „Clean Air Dialogue” taking place in Prague today and yesterday.

Laura Haiselová, Frank Bold

Coal phase-out and integration of renewables? Czech power grid poses no obstacle

What would happen to Czech power grid in 2030 if all coal power plants were shut down? On 24 May we have publicly presented a study which simulates this scenario. The result is that even without coal-fired generation it is possible to ensure stable electricity supply in the Czech Republic. The scenario includes an increase in renewables to which the current state of the power grid is no obstacle.

Petra Marie Giňová (Frank Bold)

A Major Win for Air Quality in Brno, Czech Republic

Czech Supreme Administrative Court ruled today in favour better protection of human health from air pollution in Brno, a Czech city with 370 thousand inhabitants. The Court revoked the city's Air Quality Management Plan, issued in 2016 by the Czech Ministry of Environment. The reasoning of the ruling has not been made public yet, but the main argument against the plan was that it was not effective enough and would not lead to a swift achievement of the binding air quality standards.

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