What we do

Frank bold promotes freedom and fairness. We help individuals, companies and authorities to make good decisions.

Frank Bold is a purpose driven law firm using the power of business combined with a nonprofit approach to solve social and environmental problems.

We are a fifty-person law organisation operating six branches across three European countries. We have been serving individuals, municipalities and businesses since 1995. We promote corporate and governmental accountability, and provide legal support to civil society in human rights, environmental, and anticorruption cases. Our offices in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Kraków and Brussels, provide specific legal consultations to the public and local NGOs, run legal cases and publish briefings and papers.

Frank Bold is showing new ways to combine for-profit and non-profit missions effectively to deliver solutions for current challenges. This type of entrepreneurship requires frankness and boldness to inspire others.

Frank Bold is made up of two organisations:  a not-for-profit and a law firm. In 2016, our law firm earned B Corporation status, which required it to meet extensive social and environmental standards.  

A team of lawyers together with a group of law students provides civil society with free legal advice on national and EU law. In addition, we lead advocacy activities driven by our legal expertise and professionalism. Our advocacy efforts, together with other public interest law activities, have one purpose: to protect the environment and promote the rule of law and democracy.

Our work is divided into several programmes, each of which addresses different societal issues.

Responsible State

We empower people to defend the public interest and develop, promote, and enforce laws to prevent systemic corruption in the Czech Republic.

Responsible Companies

We develop and promote new business models that better integrate societal interests into corporate purpose, governance, and decision-making.

We are also active in the field of business and human rights, where we work to bridge global governance gaps and improve individuals’ ability to assert their rights.

Responsible Energy

We develop and promote legal initiatives that support the transformation towards clean and decentralized energy production and consumption in EU countries.

Legal Counselling Centre

We empower citizens and local communities in the Czech Republic by helping them to assert their rights and actively participate in public policy. By supporting individuals and local initiatives, we aim to strengthen civic society, which is the foundation of the solution to the systemic corruption that is deeply embedded in our governance systems.