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Pavel Franc

Programme Director

Pavel Franc has worked in the Environmental Law Service since 1998. In 2000 – 2007, he addressed a number of publically well-known cases. He was successful in representing the farmer Rajter’s family against the Nemak aluminium plant. After many judicial wins, the CR Government offered the family a settlement of two hundred and fifty million crowns. Pavel Franc was a producer of the photographic exhibition called “Farmer Rajter’s story – from collectivization to globalization”, documenting the case, which won the main prize of the Czech Press Photo.

He backed organic farmers and sued the Danone company for its misleading use of the “Bio” (organic) labels on its products. As a lawyer, he dealt with the negative impact of major foreign investments in the Czech Republic, such as the investments of Toyota, Peugeot, Citroen and Hyundai. He has built a team of lawyers who provide legal assistance wherever the rights of individuals and communities are threatened by large corporations. He is promoting systemic changes leading to a higher corporate accountability. In 2007, he won the Josef Vavroušek Prize awarded by the Nadace Charta 77 and Nadace Partnerství.

In 2007, he joined our management, to become program director two years later. He is responsible for the program contents, strategy and development of our organization. At the same time, he became the strategic director of a partner law firm, Šikola a partneři, s.r.o., now Frank Bold Advokáti, where he is in charge of the company’s business development.

Under his management, we established offices in Prague, Ostrava, Brussels and Krakow. We started influencing significantly the EU policy in the area of corporate accountability, strengthened its regional presence and were successful in many important disputes. An example of our principled attitude is involvement in an unpopular case of logging in Šumava National Park (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve), where we won all disputes about the illegality of logging and protected the people who committed civil disobedience in this case.

Pavel Franc is the mastermind and strategist of the Reconstruction of the State project.


Pavel Franc

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