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Anna Michalčáková

Study: examples from four countries show how to decarbonise the heating sector. Local renewables are the future

More than a half of the energy consumed in the EU is used to heat and cool homes, offices, shops and other premises. In the...

Anna Michalčáková

Creating a clean and safe future for Czechia

At the end of March, we founded the Community Energy Union with the goal of creating a clean and safe future for the Czech...

The first Czech climate litigation succeeded in court. Frank Bold Advokáti took part in it expertly

An unprecedented decision was made at the Municipal Court in Prague in the historically first Czech climate litigation, for which...

Anna Michalčáková

Frank Bold points out non-transparent handling of ETS revenues and potential violation of EU law

The European Commission recently introduced a draft of the revised EU ETS Directive which, among other things, proposes that 100...

Kristína Šabová

Mining in Turów: Seven demands for an agreement with Poland to protect the Czech communities

The Frank Bold Society and the Neighbourhood Association Uhelná called on the Czech government today to be more consistent in its...

Kristína Šabová

Seven demands for an agreement with Poland on mining in the Turów mine that will protect Czech communities

Frank Bold Society and the Neighbourhood Association Uhelná have drawn up a document with seven basic requirements that the Czech...

Kristína Šabová Europe Beyond Coal

European Court of Justice orders halt to operations at controversial Polish mine

LUXEMBOURG, 21 May 2021 – The European Court of Justice has ruled that mining at Poland’s sprawling Turów coal mine must cease...

Petra Urbanová

Czech Republic to sue Poland over Turów coal mine

Local groups and NGOs including Frank Bold, that is very active in the process, welcomed the Czech government’s decision to...

Kristína Šabová

Big shift in case of Turów mine. The European Commission has proved Czechia right

In mid-December, the European Commission acknowledged a large part of the arguments put forward by the Czechia in an effort to...

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