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Petr Bouda


“Frank Bold’s program and the possibility of working with administrative law, including environmental law, in practice—these are what brought me here. I am not the sort of activist who would tie himself to trees or climb smokestacks. However, I would like to contribute to the protection of the environment through my work and my knowledge of the law, and this is exactly what Frank Bold offers.”

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno (with a Master’s from its Law and Legal Science program), he joined us in 2010 as a legal analyst within our Responsible Energy section, which deals with environmental protection and construction law.

In 2011 he transferred to our Responsible State section, where he dealt with issues of transparent public administration and the management of state enterprises and companies in which the state is a shareholder. In 2013, he began actively cooperating on our Reconstruction of the State project, and in particular on shaping the Contract Register Act and the Act on Extending the Competence of the Supreme Audit Office (SAO).

Today, Petr is a part of our public-law team. He focuses mainly on issues surrounding the Contract Register, the corporate governance of state-owned enterprises, and the competence of the SAO. He is the lead author of an expert commentary on the Contract Register Act and other officially-published public-law analyses.

Petr Bouda

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