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Martin Fadrný

Lawyer, Business developer

“For me, the best aspect of working for Frank Bold is that the law works—at least sometimes. By this I mean that it provides an opportunity to stand up against the state or other strong players when they do not fulfill their roles or follow the rules. I also appreciate that Frank Bold seeks to reach the root causes of problems, helps people in individual cases, and proposes and promotes a systematic solution whenever a problem runs deep.”

Martin started out at Frank Bold as the head of a program aimed at protecting citizens from noise pollution and at dealing with the environmental, financial, and administrative aspects of traffic-infrastructure construction.

At present he is focused on issues of transparency and of the responsible performance of state administration within the energy and transport sectors. He has worked on cases related to zoning and building permit proceedings, EIA and SEA processes, mining laws, public health protection, access to information, and the protection of the environment, landscapes, and water.

He has also participated in international projects monitoring the implementation of European legislation. He initially cooperated with Frank Bold as a volunteer during his university studies; since 2001 he has been a full-time employee.

Martin Fadrný

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