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Josef Karlický

The Head of the Reconstruction of the State project

In the past, Josef worked on issues surrounding greenhouse gas permits. In connection with the Czech Republic’s application process for free-of-charge permits, he highlighted the unconstitutionality of a related act passed in the form of a “wild rider.” During his efforts here, he drafted a number of legal filings and analyses and held negotiations with leading politicians, whom he alerted to the legal and practical faults throughout the process.

In cooperation with Friends of the Earth Czech Republic, he also prepared a draft act on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which was then presented within the Great Challenge campaign. He has additionally worked on the State Energy Policy and specific legal cases connected with the reconstruction of the Prunéřov power plant and the operations of the Hyundai automotive plant in Nošovice.

Josef is currently the head of Frank Bold’s well-known Reconstruction of the State project, which deals with systemic corruption in Czech politics.

Josef Karlický

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