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Jana Kravčíková

Lawyer and Head of HR

“Every organization is built up from its people. I believe that only a team of people who have the energy and desire to work together and create something together can achieve truly big goals—which is what we’re trying to do at Frank Bold. That’s why it’s so important to take care of the team’s members and seek ways to develop and support them."

Jana is in charge of the entire Frank Bold team—involving people in decision-making, sharing information across the organization, sharing values and visions, motivating, developing, and educating her colleagues, and expanding the team.

She additionally has her own law-practice responsibilities—she is currently primarily working on cases from civil, business, and IT law as a legal trainee. In the course of her work at the Frank Bold Law Firm, she has gained a wealth of experience in spatial planning, building permits and siting, and environmental protection.

The Frank Bold team also includes our trainees, and Jana develops and is responsible for its internship program. She likes to create interactive training courses for interns and students and provide them with an enjoyable way to practice how law works in real life.


Jana Kravčíková

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