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Ondřej Janků

PR & Campaigns Manager

„What I like about Frank Bold is that we are fully committed to the topic of sustainability. It allows me to work on an international project with a big impact on the future of all of us."

Ondřej coordinates an international campaign on sustainability reporting and the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). He works with the team in Brussels, Czech Republic, Poland, and organizations in Germany and Spain. He develops new partnerships, promotes the outputs of the Alliance for Corporate Transparency project, and shows that the transformation of the economy is an opportunity for companies.

Ondřej graduated from Media & Communication Studies and European Studies at Masaryk University in Brno. He has ten years of work experience in marketing, PR, and communications. He has developed sustainable activities and campaigns for companies in the tourism industry (In Israel and Ghana apart from the Czech Republic) and gained experience in the public sector, too (CzechTourism, Ministry of Health).

He has lived in Israel and France, and discovers new cultures while travelling. After visiting Argentina, he became a lover of Yerba maté. He speaks English, French and Spanish. Fond of sports, he thrives in the mountains and in nature.

Ondřej Janků

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