We provide advocacy services

We connect business with socially beneficial goals. We provide advocacy services to hundreds of clients in many areas of law every year.

We pride ourselves on dealing with people openly and directly. We do not hide behind complex legal terminology and we only propose to clients such acts that we believe to lead to a solution.

We are a team of more than thirty attorneys, junior attorneys and cooperating lawyers. Our team includes top experts in various areas of law, including a former member of the UN Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee and a former member of the Legislative Council of the Government, a member of the European Commission expert group, a member of the Government Council for Coordinating Corruption. We specialize in 4 areas of law

Energy Law

The use of renewable sources and accumulation makes sense both economically and ecologically, which is why we have been specializing in them for a long time. We are in charge of the legal agenda of dozens of clients - producers of electricity and heat, investors of green electricity production projects and electricity traders.

Building law and land-use planning

We will guide you through the preparation of the land use plan or the permit procedure. Our goal is to help cities to have good land-use plans and to help developers to build according to them. We make it easier for municipalities to get a quality land use plan. We help companies, developers and property owners to assert their interests in land use plan.

Public Law

Representatives and officials have a duty to manage the municipality in accordance with the principles of good managerial care and are under pressure for transparency and efficiency of spending. We help them act in accordance with the law and look for ways to best balance the diverse needs and interests with the requirements of constantly evolving legislation.

Business Law

We deal with everything a startup or an established company usually needs from lawyers. We strive not to make the law complicated. Once we understand your business we are able to help you find your way according to the law.

We have experience in litigation across legal areas

There are cases requiring more than what is common in day-to-day advocacy - in addition to knowing the law, strategic planning, negotiation and media work. We have had a number of such disputes, including disputes with the state or global corporations, and others are ahead of us.

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