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Petra Marie Giňová

A Major Win for Air Quality in the Most Pollution Afflicted Region of the Czech Republic

Czech Supreme Administrative Court ruled yesterday in favour of air quality and protection of human health. In the case local...

Frank Bold Research Internship

Overview The Brussels office of the public interest law firm Frank Bold is currently recruiting a Research Intern to start full-...

Filip Gregor

Commentary on the guidelines for non-financial reporting

Where has the European Commission gone beyond and where has it fallen short? 

Lukáš Kraus

How citizens pushed-through 5 anti-corruption laws

This short video explains everything you may have ever wanted to know about the Reconstruction of the State, but were afraid to...

Susanna Arus

Compliance and reporting under the EU Non Financial Reporting Directive

New reporting rules require certain large EU companies to include in their management report a non-financial statement. These...

Susanna Arus

Launch of Corporate Governance for a Changing World: Report of a Global Roundtable Series

On September 28, Frank Bold will hold the Creating Sustainable Companies Summit gathering leading thinkers, businesses,...

Paige Morrow

Frank Bold Legal Research Internship

The Brussels office of the public interest law firm Frank Bold is currently recruiting a Legal Research Intern to start...

Susanna Arus

Frank Bold is a B Corp!

Frank Bold has recently become a certified B Corporation for its activities as a law firm. This new status reflects the firm’s...

Susanna Arus

Screening of 'This Changes Everything' and the role of strategic litigation

To start the New Year with an interesting and thought-provoking event, Frank Bold and ClientEarth organised a screening of This...

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