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Pavel Černý


“Over 10 years of work for the EPS have confirmed my conviction that it is worth ‘holding the state to its word’, meaning to force the state to observe laws even if they are not in line with the interests of politicians, or with the leadig social opinion. The way to an inhumane regime starts with the principles of a legal state and the rights of individuals being sacrificed to ‘public interests’.”

Pavel is the head of a legal programme providing expert support to other EPS lawyers. He has published in both Czech and foreign legal magazines, and is a co-author of the book Průvodce novým právním řádem (Guide to the New Legal Order; Linde, 2006). Until December 2011 he was a member of the Legislative Council of the Czech government.

Between 2002 and 2004 he was the head of the EPS’s legislative programme, within which he elaborated extensive comments related to the government’s proposal of the new administrative order. He has specialised particularly in cases related to the protection of the right to a favourable environment, protection against noise, air contamination (for example the cases of the R52 highway or Ruzyně airport), and, in the approach to judicial protection, cases related to environmental interferences. He has participated in a number of international projects, especially within the Justice & Environment network.

Pavel studied at a grammar school in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, and in 1997 he graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Masaryk University with a thesis titled “Human Rights in the History of Legal Thought”. In 2000 he passed a bachelor course of political science and sociology in the Faculty of Social Studies at the Masaryk University. In 1995-1997 he participated in the activities of an ecological group within the University catholic movement in Brno. He started cooperating with the EPS in 1997 as a volunteer, and since 1999 he has been employed in the EPS as a lawyer.

Pavel Černý

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